4. Palaeography

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Boss in bronze gilt and blue colour studs, Ireland, 7th-9th c, 1 boss diameter 4,8 cm, height 0,5 cm with powerful ornate swirling motifs typical of Insular art

Boss in bronze with gilding gone, Ireland ca 750-850, 1 boss diameter 6 cm, height 2 cm, with quality Insular cruciform knotwork decoration with the Celtic Cross finials

Boss in bronze gilt, Ireland, 850-900, 1 circular boss diameter 5,8 cm, with flange decorated with angular four strand interlace

MS palimpsest on vellum, Medina, 644-656 (text 1) and 632-650 (text 2) 1 f 37x28 cm, single column (34x26 cm) 24 + 20 lines in Ti'm (or Hijazi) script.

 MS in Indus Valley language on white steatite, Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Civilization, ca. 2500-1800 BC

MS in Hebrew and Latin (gloss) on vellum, Germany, late 14th or 15th c., 28 lines in Hebrew cursive script and glosses in "Angelic script".

MS in Cheyenne on paper, Miles City, Montana, 1897-1898, Little Whirlwind's autograph name glyph, 31 fullpage drawings in full colours by Little Whirlwind of tipis, hunting of wild boar, black panther and deer, horseriding, peace talks and courting.

MS in Cheyenne on paper, Fort Marion, Oklahoma, 1891-1900, 60 ff. (-80), 31x19 cm, single column, (22x15 cm), 21 lines in Cheyenne cursive script (text 1), 35 name glyphs, 37 fine fullpage pen drawings by Bullman.

MS in Cheyenne and English on paper, Dodge City, Kansas, 1878-1879, in English cursive script by L.M. Hyatt, 80 drawings by Cheyenne chief Hagetta.

MS in Apache language on skin, Southern Plains, U.S.A., 19th c., 1 shield, diam. 50 cm, decorated with a central celestial medallion, crescent moon, pine tree below, zigzag elements, circular motifs, 2 yellow foot-formed tabs attached to the top.

MS in Ojibwa on birch bark, Western Great Lakes, U.S.A., mid 19th c., 1 roll flattened out, 11x43 cm, single column, (8x30-34 cm), 2+2 lines, 20+17 pictographs and name glyphs.

MS in Iroquois or Shawnee on birchbark, Ohio/New York State, 19th c., 1 partial roll, 5x16 cm, single column, (5x16 cm), 2+2 lines, 9+14 pictographs and name glyphs. Context: An Objibwa mide roll, see MS 4535.