MS 5549
Text Arnold Schönberg: Kol Nidre for speaker, mixed chorus and orchestra op. 39
Description MS in Italian on onionskin paper, Los Angeles, September 1938, p. 1 only, 43x32 cm ruled with 26 staves, notated in full orchestral score on 19 staves with corrections, autograph, signed and dated. With further corrections by the editor, and copy of a letter to the editor Nathan Broder.
Context The present MS is "Source C" (Lichtpausreinschrift Autograph) in Schönberg GA. The transposing instruments are notated as such, not at sounding pitch, which they are in the earlier "Source B", located at the Arnold Schönberg Center. The present MS is the source of Schöenberg's Hand exemplar ("Source Da") which also is located at the Schönberg Center in Wien. Since 2011 the Center with Scönberg's legacy including 9000 pp of his music MSS, is declared UNESCO World Heritage.
Provenance 1. Jacob Lateiner, concert pianist, New York (1928-2010); 2. J&J Lubrano, New York, cat. 74 (May 2015):1.
Commentary Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951) Austrian composer, conductor, painter, music theorist and teacher, is foremost associated with the epoch making innovation of composing with the 12-tones technique, dramatically influencing avant-garde music in the 20th century, from Berg and Webern to Cage. He wrote Kol Nidre for Rabbi Dr. Jacob Sonderling, Los Angeles, for actual Synagogue use at Yom Kippur. It is his only completed liturgical work. The World première took place in Los Angeles under the direction of the composer on 4 October (the eve of Yom Kippur) 1938. Published: G. Schirmer, New York, 1938, Gesamtausgabe Reihe A and B, Bd. 19.
Place of origin Los Angeles, USA
Dates September 1938 AD