6. Liturgy

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MS in Danish and Latin, Norway or Denmark, after 1685, 188 ff. (complete), 19x16 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 15-20 lines in Gothic book script, and italics, penflourished initials.

MS in Latin and Danish on paper, Lund, Sweden, 1594, continuations to 1740, 119 ff. (complete), 21x17 cm, single column, (17x13 cm), ca. 22 lines in Danish cursive script by several scribes.

MS in German on paper, Germany, 16th c., 36 pp. (complete), 20x15 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 24 lines in cursive script, headings in Gothic bookscript of high quality in red, music on 5 4-line staves in mensural notation.

MS in Greek on vellum, Greece, ca. 1330, 1 roll of 7 membranes, 426x16 cm, single column on both sides, 535+495 lines in Greek minuscule of highest quality, 14 headings in gold, 5 small capitals in gold, 14 large illuminated capitals.
MS in Greek on paper, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, 16th c., 15 lines in Greek minuscule, signed by the scribe Ioannikos Diaconos, 2-line decorated initials in red, head- and end-pieces in multicolour knotwork.
MSin Church Slavonic with occasional Bulgarian elements on vellum, Serbia, 14th c., 34-38 lines in a handsome Serbian square Cyrillic book script (Rashka school), 2 principal headings in red capitals, painted initials in red throughout.

MS in Syriac on paper, Antioch, Syria, 20th June 1190, 20 lines in Syriac estrangela book script, signed and dated by Michael, son of Abu L-Farag, the priest and abbot, decorated headpiece, later drawing of Christ in Majesty.

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Moscow(?), Russia, ca. 1550, 25 lines in Cyrillic half-uncial by 5 scribes, headings and initials, illuminated headpiece, a full quadripartite page with 4 miniatures

MS in Greek on paper, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, 16th c., 27 ff. (complete), 13x10 cm, single column, (10x6 cm), 15-17 lines in Greek minuscule, decorated red initials throughout, 3 knotwork headpieces in colours.

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, 16th c., in Cyrillic half-uncial, full-page illuminated miniature of saints, including Christ, Mother of God and the 12 apostles, in the style of Metropolitan Macarius in the Kremlin: early Stroganov school.

MS in Greek on vellum, probably Constantinople, 11th c., 28 lines in an expert Greek minuscule of highest quality, table of contents and incipits throughout in Alexandrian half-uncial in burnished gold, ca. 750 initials in margins, 26 large illuminated headpieces in various elaborate styles.

MSin Latin on vellum, Nonantola, Italy, 1719, 17 lines in a formal rounded Roman book script imitating printed type, music in square notation, decorated capitals and calligraphic initials, elaborate decorated title page illustrating the Abbey of Nonantola.