11.6 Calendar Clogs

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MS in French and Swedish on paper, up to 40 lines in French cursive script, 8 lines with runes of the younger futhark; 12 lines in runic numbers of the younger futhark, 12 solar and lunar circles, 124 symbols of feastdays and months.

MS in Norwegian on birch wood, Norway, 1647, 1 2-sided clog with round handle, 5x113x3 cm, 4 long lines in runes, 44 feastday symbols, 2 narrow sides filled with ownership initials and years, handle WITH knotwork design.

MS in Swedish on birch wood, Linköping stift, Sweden, ca. 1590-1620, 1 septagonal clog with round handle and iron shoe at the end, runes from the younger futhark, 46 feastday symbols, including the 2 St. Olav axes, marked S.L.

MS in Swedish on brass, Sweden, 1540, 1 clog, 24x3x1 cm, single column, (23x3 cm), 2+2 lines in runes from the younger futhark of high quality, 95 feastday symbols.