MS 1926/4
Text BIBLE: DANIEL 3:26 - 27
Description MS in Aramaic on vellum, Qumran, ca. 4 BC-68 AD, 4 fragments sticking together, each 1,8x1,9 cm, of which 3 are inscribed, part of 3+1+2 lines in a Herodian Hebrew book script. The uninscribed fragment, 0,7x2,4 cm, and further a linen cloth 2,2x4,2 cm adhering.
Context Part of the Dead Sea Scroll 1QDanb=1Q72, of which 2 larger fragments (11,3x9,6 cm 14 lines and 5,8x6,4 cm 7 lines), and ca. 9 tiny fragments (mostly uninscribed) survives, with the text of Daniel 3:22 - 31. Fragment 2 from the present MS matches the largest fragment. They were found in Cave 1 in a lump of vellum consisting of 9 layers also containing 1QDana and 1QPrayers.


Published without the present fragments in: Discoveries in the Judaean Desert I, Oxford 1955, pp. 150-155; and in: J.C. Trever: Completion of the Publication of some Fragments from Qumran Cave I, in: Revue de Qumran, tome 5, no. 19, Nov. 1965.

Provenance  1. Community of the Essenes, Qumran (ca. 4 BC-68 AD); 2. Qumran Cave 1 (68-1948); 3. George Isha'ya, finder (1948); 4. Syrian orthodox Monastery of St. Mark (Metropolitan Athanasius Samuel), Jerusalem (1948); 5. Gift to John C. Trever, Jerusalem, Claremont and Laguna Hills, California (1948-1994).

Daniel 3:26 - 27 is not present on any other Dead Sea Scroll, so this MS is the earliest witness to the text, actually written in the lifetime of Christ and the Apostles.

Originally written 167-164 BC, Hebrew is the original language of Daniel 1:1 - 2:4, Aramaic of 2:4 - 12:13. The present MS is in the original language as well, and copied only about 200 years after the book of Daniel was written.

Published Dr. Bruce Zuckerman and Dr. Marilyn Lundberg in: The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon, Newsletter, no. 12, Cincinnati, Ohio, autumn 1996.
Exhibited 1. XVI Congress of the International Organization for the study of the Old Testament. Faculty of Law Library, University of Oslo, 29 July - 7 August 1998; 2. NorFa - Nordic network in Qumran studies. Symposium in Oslo 3-5. June 2004.
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Place of origin Qumran
Dates ca 4 BC - 68 AD