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MS in Latin on vellum, Monforte, Galicia, 1115, 1 f., 20x60 cm, (11x59 cm), 14+1 long lines in Visigothic minuscule.

MS in Latin and Anglo-Saxon on vellum, Westminster, England, 26 October 1259, 50 long lines in English court documentary script and Anglo-Saxon minuscule, penwork decoration, part of the Great Seal of Henry III.
MS in Latin on vellum, St. Martin's Tour, France, 2nd half of 7th c. in Merovingian cursive (text 1), lined with part of a leaf of a late classical papyrus codex (text 2) in Greek, 7th c.
MS in Anglo-Saxon on vellum, Christ Church, Canterbury, 1013-20, 1 f., 5x26 cm, (5x25 cm), 5 long lines in a handsome skilful Anglo-Saxon minuscule, at the foot, the upper part of "+cyrograpfhum" in bold capitals with uncial "M".