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MS in Jain prakrit on paper, Ropar, Punjab, India, 1826, 173 ff. (complete), 27x18 cm, single column, (20x12 cm), 19 and 22 lines in Devanagari book script, by Giridhari Lal, 17 full-page gouache illustrations, numerous ink drawings and 15 diagrams of the Samavasarana Puja. 

MS in Jain Maharastri Prakrit and Sanskrit on paper, Gujerat or Rajastan, West India, 17th c., 35 ff., 11x25 cm, single column, (8x22 cm), 7 lines in Jain Devanagari book script, punctuation and verses in red, red and yellow margin lines, 33 high quality miniatures, maps and diagrams in colours.