15.5 Precious Metalwork & Painted

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Boss for the upper cover of a book binding or cumdach (book shrine) for an Irish MS in bronze gilt with one amber inlay, with 8 further gem settings, Ireland 750-800.

Copper gilt upper cover of a gospel book in central panel the Crucifixion, with Christ flanked by the Virgin and St. John.

Upper cover of a Gospel book, originally on wooden boards, with Christ in majesty holding a gospel book within a mandorla, surrounded by the 4 gospel symbols.

MS in Latin on vellum, Paris, France, ca. 1200, in regular early Gothic book script of high grade by at least 3 scribes, marginal glosses within elegant triangular designs in an exquisite Gothic book script, related to the finest MSS of the workshop of Ptolemy's Almagest.