2.6 Medieval History

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MS in Anglo-Norman and French on vellum, East Anglia?, England. 

MS in Middle English on vellum, London, ca. 1420, 214 ff. 

MS in Norwegian, Latin and German on paper, Norway, ca. 1711-20, 23 full-page genealogical trees in brown with green wash.

MS in Italian on paper, Venezia, Italy, 1625, the first 5 lines of the dedication to Marco Zeno, Bishop of Torcello, in gold, initials in gold with either red or blue flourishes, full-page illuminated historiated frontispiece painted in gold, blue, purple, green and yellow with the title in capitals in gold.

MS in Latin on paper, Edinburgh(?), Scotland, ca. 1511, 26-27 lines in a current lettre batârde, large red initials with flourishes throughout.

MS in late Middle Scots on vellum, Scotland, 1594, in a rounded Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, autograph, signed, dedication page in large gold capitals within a golden frame, with illuminated illustrations.

MS in Latin on vellum, Pistoia, Italy, 1460-70, in two volumess, the first by Filippo de Nanni de'Batini, the second by an unidentified scribe. Illuminated by unidentified artists and and yet unnamed collaborator of Francesco d'Antonio del Chierico.

MS in Latin, Middle English, French and Gascon on vellum, England, ca. 1325-1430, with miniatures by 5 artists reflecting styles associated with Cambridge in the 1340's and London in the 1390's.