24.9 Medical Texts

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MS in Latin on vellum, Aachen, Germany, 1501, 82 ff. (complete), 18x12 cm, single column, (14x9 cm), 30 lines in a late Gothic book script by the scribe Theodoric Clocker, headings in red, 2-to 3-line initials in red throughout, 4 4-to 5-line initials in red. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Alexandria, Egypt, late 2nd-1st c. BC, 1 fragment of a scroll, 6x4 cm, single column, 15 lines in a small Greek uncial. 

MS in Babylonian on clay, Uruk, ca. 300 BC, 1 tablet, 7,4x5,8x2,3 cm, 31 lines in cuneiform script by one of the leading Uruk scribes, Anu-Iksur or Iqisha.

MS in Old Babylonian on clay, probably Larsa, Babylonia, ca. 1900-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 10,4x7,8x3,2 cm, 45 lines (originally 66) in cuneiform script.