23.19 Daoism

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MS in Chinese on paper, China, Qing dynasty, 17th-18th c., 82 pp., 24x14 cm, up to 17 columns, (18x11 cm), 12-25 characters in Chinese book script, 32 full-page drawings of positions.

Blockprint in Chinese on paper, China, 1565-1566, 200 pp. folded format, 28x18 cm, 10 columns, (20x16 cm), 17 characters in Chinese book script , Dongchi music notation in red.

MS in Yao on rice paper, Guangdong-Jiangxi, Southwest China, 19th c., 22 ff., 19x25 cm, 9+9 columns, (21x16 cm), 14 characters per column in Chinese script, drawings and Yao pictographs of typical Yao iconography, including a dog-headed man, a turbaned figure, spirits emerging from conch shells.