MS 2981
Text 1.QUR'AN 
Description MS in Arabic on polished paper, Kashmir,18th c., 339 ff., 22x14 cm, single column, (15x9 cm), 14 lines in Naskh book script, within a thick frame of gold, orange, green and blue, the lines separated by a thick gold line, verses separated by gold dots, each sura introduced with a panel of gold and blue with script in white, 9 double openings with full borders with extensive and rich foliage and floral designs in gold and colours by a highly skilled artist.
Binding Kashmir, 18th c., lacquered boards with extensive foliage and floral designs in gold and colours in the style of Kashmir carpets, on both sides of the boards, later red leather spine, sewing covered.
Provenance 1. Private collection, London (1980s-2000).
See also See also MS 4468, 10 Qur'an sections, Iran, ca. 1300 
See also MS 4597, Qur'an, Sura 4, North Africa or Near East, ca. 750-800 
See also Collection 4.7.3 - 4.7.10 for further Qur'an leaves
Place of origin Kashmir
Dates 18th Century