23.10 Shamanism / Animism

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MS in Sami on reindeer skin, Karasjok, Norway, 2005, 1 drum (runebomme), 47x31x9 cm, 45 symbols and glyphs by Berit Marie Kemi, with a drum hammer of reindeer horn with cloth head. 

MS in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut on paper, Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory, Canada, 1978, 1 f., 58x76 cm, (12x25 cm), 9 long lines + 43 short lines in Inuktitut syllabic script, autograph, signed, inside pencil drawing. 

MS in Navajo on paper, Arizona, U.S.A., ca. 1900, 18 pp.+66 blank ff., (-15), 26x20 cm, 420 symbols, pictographs and drawings of shamanistic rituals.