Extinct Religions

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MS in Mayan on clay, North Eastern Honduras, ca. 600-850, 1 cylindrical vase (complete), 20x18 cm, with 1 horizontal and 4 vertical bands of 32 Mayan late Classic hieroglyphs, in a bold clear script in brown paint on a light brown-orange ground, 1 jaguar masked figure, and 3 attendants in full ceremonial costumes painted in red and black. 

MS in Icelandic on paper, Iceland, 1925, 24 ff. (-3), 17x10 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 18 lines in cursive script by Pálmi Jósefsson. 

MS in Old Danish or Latin(?) on bronze, Yorkshire, England, ca. 1000, 1 hammer-headed staff, 4,3x0,9-1,2 cm, 1 line in capitals with an uncial M, preceded by a cross, pierced at one end for use as a pendant, a punched cross and decoration at the hammer end.

MS in Latin on vellum, Firenze, 1771, 59 ff., 22x15 cm, single column, (17x12 cm), 29 lines in rustic capitals and Italic script (text 1) by Giuseppe della Santa, as facsimile of Codex Mediceus of 5th c., dedication copy to Leopold I Grand duke of Toscana. 

MS in Greek on linen cloth, Egypt, late 1st c. BC, 1 cloth (complete), 14x39 cm, single column, (9x21 cm), 6 lines in Greek half-uncial. Provenance: 1. H.P. Kraus, New York. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 6th c., 4 fragments, 3,5x8,1 cm, 3,9x9,0 cm, 3,0x7,6 cm, 3,2x9,0 cm, single column, 3-5 lines in an informal sloping Greek half-uncial. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 1st c. BC - 1st c. AD, 5 fragments from a scroll, largest 8x10 cm and 11x3 cm, parts of 2 columns, (column size 35x17 cm), 15+23 lines of originally ca. 45 lines in Greek uncial. 

MS in Etruscan on bronze, Etruria, Italy, 6th c. BC, 1 mirror, diam. 13 cm, 4 lines or sections along the raised rim and 3 captions in early Etruscan script.

MS in Middle Egyptian on papyrus, Egypt, 20th dynasty, 1186-1069 BC, 1 scroll (complete), 16x102 cm, main texts in 19+19+10 columns.

MS in Assyrian on clay, Assyria, 800-600 BC, 1 tablet, 10, 8x6, 1x2, 3 cm, 34 lines in cuneiform script, a pierced lug for suspension, 2 inscriptions and 3 pair of crossing lines on the lug handle. 

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Babylonia, 2000-1800 BC, 1 tablet, 9, 3x5, 5x2, 5 cm, 15+21 lines in cuneiform script. 

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Babylonia, 1900-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 24x10x4 cm, 3+3 columns, 208 lines (of 410) in cuneiform script.