2.7 Modern History

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MS in Pali on cream paper, Mandalay, Burma, 1886-1900, in Burmese script with seven huge pictures covering 2-6 pages in full colour.

MS in Suhtaio and English on paper, Nebraska, 1865-1879, 18 ruled lines in name glyphs and English cursive script by Little Shield and Black Moon, 9 pencil sketches, 105 full-page paintings in colours, 92 by Little Shield and 13 by four other warriors.
MS in Spanish on paper, Mexico City, ca. 1820-1830, 4 vols., 1653 ff. (complete), 32x22 cm, single column, (25x15 cm), 23 lines in cursive script by 2 scribes, a pen drawing of a plan, a 2-page pen drawing with coloured wash.
MS in Russian on paper, Russia, 1752-1770, up to 60 lines in a small neat Cyrillic semi-uncial by Ierei Ioann Iakovlev who also made the illustrations, with about 75 diagrams and tables and a full-page miniature of the Temptation of Adam and Eve.
MS in Italian on paper, Roma, Italy, ca. 1650-1680, 2 vols., 25-31 lines in Italian cursive script, title in square capitals, by one scribe, pen flourishes beneath some chapter ends.