MS 1278


Text Bible with Gallican, Hebraicum, and Romanum versions of the Psalms, St. Hieronymus prologues, canon tables and concordance
Description MS in Latin on vellum, London, England, ca. 1230-1240, 209 ff., (originally 276 ff.+ 76 ff. later concordance), 26x21 cm, 2 columns, (20x15 cm), 58 lines, 3 columns, (20x18 cm), 58 lines (Psalms), 7 columns (canon tables), 55 lines, 4 columns, (20x18 cm), 63 lines (concordance), in a rotunda Gothic book script of high quality, many chapter numbers with marginal penwork extensions, initials throughout in red and blue with penwork, 29 (of 60) illuminated initials, canon tables in archade of coloured columns in alternately brown and blue with white tracery and coloured pediments joined along the top with overlapping round arches in the contrasting colour, 19 (of 29) historiated initials with fanciful and charming penwork extensions in one or two margins, in gold and colurs by 2 artists who worked together with William de Brailles on a Psalter, Stockholm: National Museum MS B. 2010, produced in London.
Binding Earlier binding: England, early 17th c., brown calf gilt. New binding: London, 2006, Blindtooled full leather, sewn on 4 cords, 2 leather clasps, by James Brockman.
Context The present MS contained 352 ff. in total (-1), when sold at Christie's New York 1.10.1980.
Provenance 1. Joseph Martini, New York; 2. General Theological Seminary, New York (-1980); 3. Christie's, New York 1.10.1980:145; 4. Heritage bookshop, California (1980-1981); 5. 154 ff.: David S. Woluch, Akron, Ohio (1981-1991), acqired March 1991; 4 ff.: Bruce Ferrini cat. 1(1987):17-20, acquired March 1991; 36 ff.: Bruce Ferrini, Akron, Ohio, March 1991; 7 ff.: Sam Fogg, London, June 1991; 1 f.: Maggs Bros., London, June 1991; 2 ff.: Quaritch, London, June 1991; 1 f.: Sotheby's 21.6.1994:10c; 1 f.: Bruce Ferrini, Akron, Ohio, Aug. 1995; 2 ff. (253-254): Sotheby's 2.12.1997:47; 1 f.: Quaritch, London, Sep. 1999.

The substantial remains, rescued in The Schøyen Collection from dealers' mutilating, of a most unusual and important London Bible, in an unusual format, nearly square, the rare occurence of the 3 versions of the Psalms, a highly unusual and possisbly unique version of an extensive concordance, and the unusual decoration scheme.

Future owners should not even think of breaking this Bible up again, being at risk of an Anathema!

Published W.H.P. Hatch; in: Bulletin of the General Theological Seminary. New York. XLIV (1958) pp. 31-38.
Mentioned Seymor de Ricci: Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York, vol. I 1935, vol. II 1937, vol. III 1940, and Supplement 1962. & Christopher de Hamel: Cutting up Manuscripts for Pleasure and Profit. Charlottesville 1996, pp. 19-20. Christopher De Hamel: The Life of Saint Martin. In Papyrologica Florentina, vol. XL. Rosario Pintaudi: Papyri Graecae Schøyen (PSchøyen II); Essays and texts in honour of Martin Schøyen. Firenze, Edizioni Gonnelli, 2010. pp.: 117-122.
Place of origin England
Dates c 1230-1240 AD