MS 5302
MS Short Title HÁVAMÁL
Description MS in Icelandic on paper, Iceland, 1925, 24 ff. (-3), 17x10 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 18 lines in cursive script by Pálmi Jósefsson.
Binding Iceland, 1925, yellow paper covers, stapled, by Bókaverzlun Gudm. Gamalíelssonar, titled Stílabok on front cover, tables on the back.
Provenance 1. Pálmi Jósefsson, Iceland (1925-); 2. Antikvariat Bragi Kristjónsson, Reykjavik, Bóksöluskrá nr. 94 (Dec. 2005):85; 3. Kaabers Antikvariat, København, March 2006.
Commentary Håvamål (words of the one on high), the words of Odin (Woden/Wotan) the father of gods. It includes the account of his theft of the precious poetry, called the sacred mead which he brought to the gods. It also includes the account how Odin acquired wisdom by hanging nine nights on the World Tree and by sacrificing one of his eyes. He was pierced by a spear, he was a sacrifice to himself, being nearly dead he received the wisdom that belongs only to the dead, as well as the ability to write runes. Odin was the god of the dead and of war. Those who fell in battle came to Valhalla, and would live in bliss there until Ragnarok (Judgement day, Götterdämmerung) when they would join Odin in his final fight against Fenrisulven, a monstrous wolf.
See also See also MS 2128, Snorre Sturlason: Sagas of the Norse Kings. Norway, 1711-1720 See also MS 4517, Caius Julius Caesar: Commentarii de bello gallico. Italy, 3rd quarter 15th c. References to German religion compared to Gallic
Place of origin Iceland
Dates 1925 AD