MS 2634/2


MS 2634/2
MS Short Title BIBLE: GENESIS 1:14
Text Bible: Genesis 1:14, commentary by Origenes, book III
Description MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, early 4th c., 1 partial papyrus, 9x5 cm, 1 of 2 columns remaining, (originally 18x22 cm), 16 lines (originally 36 lines) in an extremely fine Greek uncial.

Found with MS 2634/1 as pastedown in a book cover, Egypt, ca. 4th c.

MS 021 is Origenes: Homilies on Genesis and Exodus.

Provenance 1. Pastedown in a book cover, Egypt (ca. 4th c.); 2. Antiquity seller, Cairo (1969); 3. Dr. Anton Fackelmann Sr., Wien, Austria, MS 44/2 (1969-1985); 4. Anton Fackelmann Jr., Steyr, Austria (1986-1998), acquired July 1998.
Commentary Origines made his famous revision of the Septuagint, the Hexapta in 50 volumes, in 230-240, and his commentary on Genesis in 13 volumes also in this period. This corpus is lost with the exception of 2 excerpts: Philocalia 23, and Eusebius: Praeparatio Evangelica VI, 11. The present MS is the earliest witness to the text.
Published M. Gronewald in: ZPE 28(1978) pp. 272-273, and ZPE 67(1987) pp.56-58. Papyrologica Florentina, vol. XXXV. Rosario Pintaudi: Papyri Graecae Schøyen. Firenze, Edizioni Gonnelli, 2005 (Manuscripts in The Schøyen Collection V: Greek papyri, vol. I), pp. 73-75.
Exhibited Bibelmuseum, Münster, since 1986.
See also MS 021
Place of origin Egypt
Dates c 300 AD