8.5 Canon Law

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MS in Latin and Middle High German (texts 3, 12, 15) on paper and vellum (text 2), Heidelberg?, Germany, 1433, & Germany, late 13th c. (text 2), 279 ff. (complete), 14x10 cm, single column, (10x6 cm), 24-28 lines in lettre bâtarde by Nicholas d. de H.

MS in Latin on vellum, Southern France, mid 14th c, in a bold bolognese Gothic rotunda book script of medium quality, some marginal commentaries in slightly later glossing book script, numerous initials.

MS in Latin on vellum, Bologna, ca. 1350, text: 2 columns, 5-38 lines; gloss: 2 columns, 63 lines in a rounded Gothic book script in 2 sizes of medium grade and quality, initials in blue or red with contrasting penwork.

MS in Latin on paper, Padua?, Italy, in a hybrid medium quality Gothic book script, 400 painted initials, 18 large initials, 7 pen drawings, 3 historiated initials, 1 miniature anticipating the manner of Bartolomeo del Tintore.

MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, 3rd quarter of 13th c, in a neat round Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, headings in red, initials with contrasting penwork throughout, 4 very large decorated book openings forming the name Gregorius, medieval notes and added gloss on every page.