4.5 Greek & Other Documentary Scripts

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MS in English on vellum, Hobart, Tasmania, 16 October 1860, in Tasmanian cursive documentary script, with map and identical anonymous grid lacquer seals.
MS and print in Hawaiian on paper, Honolulu, Hawaii, 26 March 1850, in cursive documentary script, 1 red lacquer seal, extra receipt glued on.
MS in English on vellum, Dublin, Ireland, 26 April 1715, in a fine Irish documentary script, first line in a formal Gothic book script of high grade with portrait of King George I andGreat Seal of England.
MS in Spanish on paper, Buenos Aires, 1594, 3 pp., 30x20 cm, single column, (26x18 cm), 28 lines in a rounded cursive documentary script.
MS in Bactrian on vellum, Guzgan area, Afghanistan, in Bactrian cursive documentary script with the motifs.
MS in Gandhari language (Kroraina prakrit) on wood, Niya, Sinkiang, China, ca. 250, 1 rectangular double tablet (kilamudra) in Karosthi documentary script.
MS in Greek on papyrus, Crocodilopolis, Egypt, 12 July 100 BC, 1 papyrus, 15x53 cm, 3 columns, 14 lines in a Greek cursive documentary script, with a clay seal between column 1 and 2.