24.18 Miscellaneous Texts

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MS in Futuna on jaw bone of wild boar, Ekasup village, Efaté Island, Republic of Vanuatu, 31 January 2003, 1 jaw with teeth and the 2 tusks, 14x26x15 cm, single column, (10x8 cm), 7+3 lines in capitals slanting to the right by Sifo Seimo. 

MS in Newari (text 1) and Sanskrit (text 2) on paper, Nepal, 18th c., 32 ff. concertina-folded, 9x22 cm, single column, (6x16 cm and 8x10 cm), 5-12 lines in Newari script, 49 fine painted miniatures of horses. 

MS on paper, Burma, 18th c., 22 ff., folding book, 14x37 cm, (14x37 cm), no text, 58 illustrations in full colours. 

MS in Latin and German on vellum, Cistercian convent of Haldensleben, Althaldensleben, Germany, ca. 1490, 102 ff. (complete), 30x20 cm, single column, (22x13 cm), 14 and 28 lines in a rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, additions in cursive script. 

MS in Latin and Middle high German (text 14) on paper, Monastery Zwettl, Waldviertel, Austria, 1380-1430, 254 ff. (complete), 29x22 cm, single column, (19-23x15 cm), 28-54 lines in a regular lettre bâtarde.

MS in Aramaic on clay, Palmyra, Syria, ca. 100 BC, 1 tessera, 2,0x2,4 cm, 1+1 line in Aramaic square script. 

MS in Babylonian on clay, Babylonia, 2000-1600 BC, ca. 1/3 of a tablet, 7,7 x6,1x2,0 cm ( originally ca. 7,7x17,0x2,0 cm), with the larger part of the main part of the gaming board with 9 out of 12 squares, one of which is divided into 4 triangles by crossing lines.