MS 5567


MS 5567
MS Short Title TORAH
Text Bible: Genesis 28:7-47:3, Sefer Torah
Description MS in Hebrew on vellum, Toledo(?), Spain, ca 1300, 1 partial scroll 63x335 cm, consisting of 6 membranes with 23 columns (52x12 cm) of 50 lines in a fine Sefardic Hebrew script.
Context MS 2640 is a fragmentary Egyptian Torah from 14th century with Genesis 1.1-35:12, while MS 14 is a complete Hassidic Torah from Russia ca 1770. MS 5439/1 is a fragment of a Dead Sea Torah Scroll with Genesis 37:8 from ca 150 BC.
Provenance Bloomsbury 9.12.2015:105

A complete Torah scroll like MS 14 contains 304,805 letters and spaces, in this case on 313 columns (48x14 cm) of 52 lines with a total length of 3360 cm.

MS 5567 is not written according to vavel ha'amudim, with 63% of the standard number of canonical unusual letters and special characters. Very few medieval Torah scrolls from Spain remain today.

Place of origin Spain
Dates ca 1300