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MS in Norwegian on horn, Trøndelag, Norway, 17th c. in runes of the Younger futhark, naming the participants in 9 drawings of battle scenes, the last illustrating the battle at Kalvskinnet, where King Erling Skakke fell in 1179.
MS in Norwegian on walrus bone or reindeer horn, Norway, ca. 15th c., 6 ff., 3x14 cm, single column, (2x14 cm), 1 line in runes of the younger futhark, 93 feastday symbols in a rather early primitive stage, including the 2 St. Olav axes.

MS in Old Danish on silver, Denmark, 10th c., 1 strip, 7,8x0,3 cm, (7,1x0,3 cm), 1 long line in fine upright runes of the younger futhark.