2.5 Roman History

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MS in Latin on vellum, North Italy ca. 900, 111 ff. (complete) 22x16 cm, single column, (17x11 cm) 26-27 lines in Carolingian minuscule, headings in red and black rustic capitals (texts 1-2), Romanesque bookscript (texts 3-4), marginal glosses in 15th c. humanist bookscript.

MS in French on vellum, Paris, France, ca. 1375, 2 vols., in a regular Gothic book script, by Raoulet d'Orléans, in the scriptorium of King Charles V.

MS in Latin on paper, Austria, ca. 1470, featuring a square, slightly sloping humanistic book script, coloured leafy plantstems on blue, red or green grounds, heightened with tracery and clusters of dots, the first one with 3/4 scrolling border of coloured and gold plantstems including a bird.

MS in Latin on vellum, Milano, Italy, 3rd quarter 15th c., 27 lines in an elegant sloping humanist book script, first title and incipit in burnished gold capitals, marginal titles in pink, 16 large white-vine initials by the Ippolita Master.

MS in in Latin on vellum, France, late 12th c. 52 lines in Romanesque book script of medium quality, 28 red 2- to 7-line initials, 4 red 4- to 11-line initials with penwork.

MS in Latin on bronze, Roma, 23 March 178, 2 tabellas with 2 holes through each tablet for the original wire that still binds the two tablets together, originally secured with the seals of the 7 witnesses.