MS 2648
Text BIBLE: JOSHUA 9:27 - 11:3
Description MS in Greek on papyrus, Oxyrhynchus?, Egypt, ca. 200, 6 ff. (originally ca. 60 ff.), 20x11 cm, single column, (16x8-9 cm), 19-23 lines in Greek semi-cursive book script.

Possibly by the same scribe as MS 2649. The 6 ff. were found tipped in between the leaves of MS 2650. The whole codex with the 24 chapters of Joshua would have had approximately 60 ff.

Probably from the same hoard as the Chester Beatty papyri, now in Dublin: Chester Beatty Library.

Provenance 1. Monastery in the Oxyrhynchus region, Egypt (ca. 4th c.); 2. Antiquity dealer, Alexandria (ca. 1930); 3. Private collector, Zürich.
Commentary The oldest Septuagint Joshua extant. Apart from Joshua 10:2-5, 8-11, which is on the Dead Sea Scroll 4QJosha, in Hebrew from ca. 100 BC, the present papyrus is the oldest MS of this part of the Bible. The text is the Septuagint before the critical work of Origenes Hexapta. It is closer to the original Septuagint of the 3rd c. BC than any other MSS. But it also revises the Septuagint towards the Hebrew Masoretic text, and at the same time reflects a different Hebrew recension from before the Masoretic revisions.
Published Papyrologica Florentina, vol. XXXV. Rosario Pintaudi: Papyri Graecae Schøyen (PSchøyen I). Firenze, Edizioni Gonnelli, 2005 (Manuscripts in The Schøyen Collection V: Greek papyri, vol. I), pp. 81-145, by Kristin de Troyer.
Exhibited NorFa - Nordic network in Qumran studies. Symposium in Oslo 3-5. June 2004.
Place of origin Egypt
Dates ca 200 AD