MS 038
Description MS in Latin on vellum, Pistoia, Italy, 1460-70, 2 vols., 343 + 333 ff. (complete), 39x27 cm, single column, (25x16 cm), 50 lines in humanistic book script, vol. 1 by Filippo de Nanni de'Batini, vol. 2 by an unidentified scribe. Title of vol. 1 illuminated with a 10-line initial in Padovan style of interlaced strapwork in colours on a gold background and with three-quarter border by an unidentified artist, further a pen-and-ink diagram of the Temple of Solomon. Vol. 2 with title in gold capitals, 11-line illuminated initial and full border in Florentine style of white-vine stems in colours pierced by 2 gold frames and with putti, birds, deer, insects and leopards by a prolific, but yet unnamed collaborator of Francesco d'Antonio del Chierico.
Binding Italy, ca. 1470, 2 vols. in pink velvet over wooden boards, sewn on 6 thongs.
Context Listed in the rare printed catalogue which the discalced Augustinians at Lyon produced of their manuscript book library around 1700, as follows: 46-47 Chronica Sozomeni, presbierti Pistoiensis, en 2 vol. in folio. Manus, sur le velin d'un très beau caractère. Sozomène[..etc..].
Provenance P1. Geronimo Zurita, Aragonia, Spain (1551-80); 2. Carthusian Monastery of Aula Dei, Zaragossa, Spain (1580-1626); 3. Gaspar de Guzman, Count-Duke of Olivares, Spain (1626-1645); 4. Gaspar de Haro y Guzman, marqués de Eliche y Carpio, Spain (1645-1687); 5. Convento del Angel de los Carmelitos Descalzos, Sevilla, Spain (after 1687); 6. Convent des Augustins déchaussées, Lyon, France (before 1715); 7. Thomas Hobart, England (1715-); 8. Llewelyn Nevill Vaughn, Lord Mostyn, Mostyn Hall, Cheshire, MSS 209 and 210 (1874-1920); 9. Sotheby's 13.7.1920:110; 10. Edmund Hunt Dring, Surrey (1920-1928); 11. Edmund Maxwell Dring, Surrey (from 1928); 12. H.P. Kraus cat. 165(1983):15. 13. De-accessioned April 2014 to Jörn Günther, Switzerland.
Commentary The text is unpublished. Sir Sydney Cockerell to E.M. Dring in 1946: "You should keep this as it is of Museum quality".
Published Texts 1 and 11: The Index of Middle English Prose. Handlist X. Irma Taavitsainen: Manuscripts in Scandinavian Collections. Cambridge, Brewer, 1994, p. 29.
Exhibited 1. Conference of European National Librarians, Oslo. Sept. 1994. 2. "Preservation for access: Originals and copies". On the occasion of the 1st International Memory of the World Conference, organized by the Norwegian Commission for UNESCO and the National Library of Norway, at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, 3 June - 14 July 1996.
Mentioned Paul Oskar Kristeller: Iter Italicum, vol. VI, Norway - Addenda Norvegica. London and Leiden 1992.
See also See also MS 678/1, Records of the Hundred Years' War, Belgium, 1490-1500.
Place of origin Italy
Dates 1460 - 1470 AD