The provenance of the originals of all manuscripts and objects on the present website is stated either for each single manuscript; or in case of larger groups of manuscripts and objects of homogenous nature, for the group.

Some of these manuscripts have over 1000 years of unbroken ownership history; see for instance MS 20. See also the list of Monastic scriptoria and provenances, and the Statement of Provenance for the homogenous groups of cuneiform tablets, seals and incantation bowls.

The present website descriptions are shortened as much as possible to make them more accessible and easily readable to prevent readers to click on to other websites. Detailed collations, physical descriptions, lengthy historical or art historical descriptions are deleted, and repetitive provenance information for homogenous groups are listed for the groups rather than individually. Such information will be included in detail in the full printed catalogue of the Collection when it is published.

Documentation of a great number of scholars’ detailed collations, descriptions, findings, correspondence and of provenance, regarding specific manuscripts, is available upon request for accredited scholars who need the details for their research. Inquiries should be addressed to the Collection in an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .