MS 5573
  1. Maurice Ravel: Bolero, opening page in full score
  2. Maurice Ravel: Unidentified work, sketches
Description MS in French and Italian on paper, Paris, 1928-30, 2 pp 35x22 cm ruled with 20 staves, notated in full score on a system of 9 staves with heading "Bolero", indicating "Tempo di Bolero moderato assai" with metronome mark of 66 per quarter note, autograph, signed. Text 2 notated on systems of 4 and 2 staves, 8 bars, autograph.
Context The full autograph of the Bolero is in Bibliothèque Nationale. In Ravel's copy of the first edition the printed metronome mark 76 is crossed out by Ravel and changed to 66 as in present MS, while later editions suggest a tempo of 72.
Provenance Alde, Paris (Commissaire-priseur Jérôme Delcamp) 17 June 2016 lot 297.
Commentary The Bolero by Ravel (1875-1937) is among the most widely known works in modern classical music. Originally conceived as a ballet written for Ida Rubinstein, it was premiered at the Paris Opera Garnier on 22 November 1928 with choreography by Bronislava Nijinska. The Bolero was played as a purely orchestral work for the first time at Concerts Lamoureux, with Ravel conducting, on 11 January 1930.
Place of origin Paris, France
Dates 1928-30 AD