2. History

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MS in Anglo-Norman and French on vellum, East Anglia?, England. 

MS in Middle English on vellum, London, ca. 1420, 214 ff. 

MS in Latin on vellum, North Italy ca. 900, 111 ff. (complete) 22x16 cm, single column, (17x11 cm) 26-27 lines in Carolingian minuscule, headings in red and black rustic capitals (texts 1-2), Romanesque bookscript (texts 3-4), marginal glosses in 15th c. humanist bookscript.

MS in French on vellum, Paris, France, ca. 1375, 2 vols., in a regular Gothic book script, by Raoulet d'Orléans, in the scriptorium of King Charles V.

MS in Pali on cream paper, Mandalay, Burma, 1886-1900, in Burmese script with seven huge pictures covering 2-6 pages in full colour.

MS in Suhtaio and English on paper, Nebraska, 1865-1879, 18 ruled lines in name glyphs and English cursive script by Little Shield and Black Moon, 9 pencil sketches, 105 full-page paintings in colours, 92 by Little Shield and 13 by four other warriors.
MS in Spanish on paper, Mexico City, ca. 1820-1830, 4 vols., 1653 ff. (complete), 32x22 cm, single column, (25x15 cm), 23 lines in cursive script by 2 scribes, a pen drawing of a plan, a 2-page pen drawing with coloured wash.
MS in Russian on paper, Russia, 1752-1770, up to 60 lines in a small neat Cyrillic semi-uncial by Ierei Ioann Iakovlev who also made the illustrations, with about 75 diagrams and tables and a full-page miniature of the Temptation of Adam and Eve.
MS in Italian on paper, Roma, Italy, ca. 1650-1680, 2 vols., 25-31 lines in Italian cursive script, title in square capitals, by one scribe, pen flourishes beneath some chapter ends.
MS in Norwegian, Latin and German on paper, Norway, ca. 1711-20, 23 full-page genealogical trees in brown with green wash.

MS in Italian on paper, Venezia, Italy, 1625, the first 5 lines of the dedication to Marco Zeno, Bishop of Torcello, in gold, initials in gold with either red or blue flourishes, full-page illuminated historiated frontispiece painted in gold, blue, purple, green and yellow with the title in capitals in gold.

MS in Latin on paper, Edinburgh(?), Scotland, ca. 1511, 26-27 lines in a current lettre batârde, large red initials with flourishes throughout.