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MS in Neo Sumerian and Old Babylonian on clay, Sumer, 2100-1800 BC, 1 tablet, 14,8x14,0x3,3 cm (originally ca. 16x14x3 cm), 3+3 columns, 103 lines in cuneiform script.

MS in Sumerian on light green translucent alabaster, Akkad, Sumer, ca. 2217-2193 BC, 1 partial tablet, 18 compartments remaining in a formal archaizing cuneiform script of high quality.

MS in Sumerian on limestone, Umma, Sumer, ca. 2385 BC, 1/3 of a truncated cone, compartments with 30 lines in a transitional linear script between pictographic and cuneiform script.

This collection comprises over 1,200 MSS and 35 examples spanning 24th c. BC to 19th c. AD are included here. Other examples in other collections, see f. inst. Collection 5.18, see f. inst. MS 2458, Chinese history, and the commentary in the Main Introduction.