2.3 Assyrian History

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MS in Neo Assyrian on limestone, Nineveh, Assyria, ca. 646 BC, 1 limestone slab, 47x42x4 cm, single column, 19 lines in Neo Assyrian cuneiform script.
MS in Neo Babylonian on clay, Nimrod, Assyria, 722-705 BC, 1 partial 8-facetted prism, 6,2x12,0 cm remaining, 8 lines in cuneiform script.
MS in Neo Babylonian on bronze, Assyria, 811-783 BC, lower part of the garment of a giant statue, the lower border of the garment divided into 4 square compartments with decorative designs of Assyrian type.
MS in Assyrian on basalt stone, Nimrod (Calah), Assyria, 883-859 BC, 1 plaque, single column, 10 lines in display cuneiform script. Complete standard inscription: 21 long lines with friezes over and below.
MS in Middle Assyrian on clay, Assyria, 1115-1077 BC, 1 tablet, 19,7x14,5x3,3 cm, single column, 35+35 lines in Assyrian cuneiform script, with 60 "fire holes".