14. Papyri & Ostraca

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Receipts for various taxes, for river guard-ships, tow ropes, and for the river-patrol station, to Phanophis collector of money taxes at Elephantine, in the 20th regnal year of Antoninus Pius.

MS in Syriac on papyrus, Syria, 9th-10th c., 1 partial f., 9x10 cm, single column (9x9 cm remaining), 19 +16 lines in Syriac Sertâ book script.
MS in Syriac on papyrus, Syria, 9th c., 1 papyrus, single column, lines in a small, neat Syriac Sertâ book script with some estrangela features, a cross-like sign in margin.

MS in Sahidic on papyrus, Coptos, Thebes, Egypt, ca. 550-650, 2 partial ff., 17x13 cm and 18x9 cm, single column, 16+18 lines in a large Coptic uncial.

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 2nd c., part of a scroll, 17x8 cm, 1 column remaining, (12x6 cm) 21+23 lines in Greek half uncial.

MS in Demotic on papyrus, Pathyris, Egypt, 97-96 BC, 1 papyrus, 42x31 cm, single column, 12 lines in a Demotic documentary script.

MS in Demotic and Greek, Crocodilopolis, Egypt, 15 December 124 BC, 1 papyrus, Demotic documentary script. Text 2: In Greek, Hermonthis, 3 August 123 BC, Greek cursive documentary script.

MS in Middle Egyptian on wooden board, Egypt, 1st c. BC, 1 board, 16x13 cm, single column, 12 +10 lines in Hieratic script.
MS in Middle Egyptian on linen, Egypt, 19th dynasty, 325-30 BC, 1 f., 19x64 cm, single column, (17x62 cm), 17 lines in a clear upright Hieratic script, reading from right to left.
MS in Middle Egyptian and Greek on opaque red and turquoise glass, Cusae, Egypt, reign of Ptolemaios IV, 221-205 BC, 2 plaques, single column, 5 lines in cursive hieroglyphs and Greek uncial.

MS in Middle Egyptian on papyrus, Abydos, Egypt, mid 18th Dynasty, 15th c. BC, 2 large parts of a scroll.

MS in Middle Egyptian on gold, Egypt, XIII dynasty, 1794-1645 BC, 1 partial sheet, 14x8 cm, single column, 1 column of formal hieroglyphs.