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Stylus in bronze, Norway, 9th-10th c., 1 stylus, 18 cm, bulbous finial diam. 1,5 cm formed by 4 curved bands leaving 4 openings in between, round flattened eraser on top.

MS in Greek on wax, Cheikh Fadl, Egypt, ca. 600, 1 wooden wax tablet, lines in Greek cursive script, with the original writing stylus of bronze.

Inkstand, green glazed steatite, Egypt, New Kingdom, ca. 1550-1069 BC, 1 inkstand, 6,0x3,5x1,8 cm, 2 holes for black and red ink, decoration of parallel lines at either end.

MS in Egyptian on wood, Egypt, 18th-19th dynasty, ca. 1550-1185 BC, wooden inkstand and pen-case, lines in Hieratic book script, 2 circular holes for black and red, with pen.