4.1.8 First Alphabets

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MS in Greek on copper, Cyprus, ca. 800 BC, 2 tablets, 21x13 cm, single column, (19x10 cm), 20-23 lines in archaic Greek capitals with some North Semitic (Phoenician) letter forms by 2 or more scribes.
MS in Ugaritic on clay, Ras Shamra, Ugarit, Syria, 13th c. BC, 1 tablet, 10,3x8,5x2,0 cm, single column, 10+11+3 lines in alphabetic cuneiform script.
MS in Canaanite West Semitic on bronze, Israel/Palestine/Lebanon, 18-17c BC, 1 axe, 1 line with 3 letters in Proto-Sinaitic/Proto-Canaanite script.