12.1 Biblical Scrolls

Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

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MS in Hebrew on red-brown vellum, Jerusalem, 170-150 BC, 1 fragment of a scroll, 2,9x7,4 cm, (0,3x3,5 cm remaining), 1 line in a late archaic or early Hasmonean semiformal book script, last line of 1 column with 2,3 cm lower margin preserved.

MS in Hebrew on dark brown leather, Qumran, 30 BC-68 AD, fragment of a scroll, 8 lines in a fine regular Herodian Hebrew book script, upper edge preserved 3,6 cm.

MS in Hebrew on brown leather, Qumran, ca. 80-30 BC, 1 fragment from a scroll, 3,0x8,5 cm remaining, part of 1 column, (3,0x8,5 cm), 4 lines in a good Herodian Hebrew book script.

MS in Hebrew on vellum, Qumran, ca. 150-125 BC, 24 uninscribed fragments, largest 2,8x1,1 cm, from a scroll of 17 membranes, 26x734 cm, 54 columns, 28-32 lines.