6.4 Protestant

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MS in Danish and Latin, Norway or Denmark, after 1685, 188 ff. (complete), 19x16 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 15-20 lines in Gothic book script, and italics, penflourished initials.

MS in Latin and Danish on paper, Lund, Sweden, 1594, continuations to 1740, 119 ff. (complete), 21x17 cm, single column, (17x13 cm), ca. 22 lines in Danish cursive script by several scribes.

MS in German on paper, Germany, 16th c., 36 pp. (complete), 20x15 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 24 lines in cursive script, headings in Gothic bookscript of high quality in red, music on 5 4-line staves in mensural notation.