MS 1644/2
MS Short Title BIBLE: ACTS
Text BIBLE: ACTS 8:40 - 9:14; 9:16 - 27
Description MS in Syriac on papyrus, Syria, 9th c., 1 papyrus, 11x7 cm, single column (9x4 cm remaining), 23+23 lines in a small, neat Syriac Sertâ book script with some estrangela features, a cross-like sign in margin.
Context Another Peshitta New Testament, is MS 2080, also from 9th c., but on vellum.
Provenance 1. Monastery of the Syrians in the Nitrian Desert (ca. 10th c-); 2. Maggs Bros., London.
Commentary There are no variants from the text of the British and Foreign Bible Society's edition of the Peshitta New Testament. From a codex. Syriac papyri are extremely rare. In the 10th c. Moses of Nisibis, abbot at the Monastery of the Syrians, built up an extraordinary fine collection of Syriac MSS, which today forms the basis of the Vatican and British Library collections of Syriac MSS.
Published Sebastian P. Brock: Two Syriac Papyrus Fragments from the Schøyen Collection; in: Oriens Christianus, Band 79, 1995, pp. 9-22.
Place of origin Syria
Dates 9c AD