7.5 Metz (Messine) Neumes

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MS in Latin on vellum, probably Blois, France ca 873, 36 lines in Carolingian minuscule with numerous 3-line capitals in green and red, 4 lines in rustic capitals, 1 line in capitals, 4-line dcorated capital A.

MS in Latin on vellum, France (or Germany?), ca. 950, 1 partial f., 9x12 cm, 1 of 2 columns, (9x11 cm remaining, column width 11 cm), 9 lines in an upright square Carolingian minuscule in 2 sizes, 6 lines of diastematic (heightened) staffless Metz neumes, liturgical headings in red.

MS in Latin on vellum, France, late 9th c., 1 f., 18x15 cm, single column, (13x10 cm), 13 lines in a small Carolingian minuscule with Metz linear staffless neumes, initials in red.