MS 110
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Description MS in Latin on vellum, North France, mid 9th c., 2 partial ff., 15x18 cm, originally 22x22 cm, single column, (13x17 cm, originally 17x18 cm), 25 lines (originally 26-29 lines) in a small, compact Carolingian minuscule by an Anglo-Saxon or Irish scribe.
Context 2 partial ff., forming the outer bifolium of Tokyo, The International Christian University, MS 110.
Provenance 1. Philip Bliss, Oxford (1787-1857); 2. Sotheby's 21.8.1858:119; 3. Sir Thomas Phillipps, Cheltenham, Ph 15659 (1858-1872); 4. Katharine, John, Thomas & Alan Fenwick, Cheltenham, (1872-1911); 5. Sotheby's 24.4.1911:390(or 391); 6. Edmund Hunt Dring, London (1911-1928); 7. Edmund Maxwell Dring, London (1928-1984); 8. Quaritch Cat. 1036(1984):78; 9. Bruce Ferrini Cat. 2(1989):2.
Commentary From a previously unidentified and unrecorded Carolingian commentary on Matthew, written by an insular scribe in a Franco-Saxon scriptorium under the influence of the scriptorium of St. Martin's Tour.
Exhibited Comité International de Palaéographie Latin (CIPL) at Senate House, University of London, 3 September 2008.
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Place of origin France
Dates mid 19c AD