MS 4470
MS Short Title AL-NABAWI
Description MS in Arabic on paper, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 1329, 251 ff. (complete), 32x23 cm, single column, (main text: 21x16 cm, including gloss: 30x23 cm ), 21 lines in Arabic Naskhi book script by Elias b. Ahmad b. Elias al-Nawjari, chapter headings in large muhaqqaq book script, extensive glosses often diagonal or inverted in the margins.
Binding Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 16th c. brown morocco with flap, blindtooled central medallions in ottoman style, sewn on 2 cords.
Provenance 1. Hajji Ismael Bey, Saudi Arabia (16th c.); 2. Sam Fogg Rare Books Ltd., London.
Commentary The text is a compendium of the sayings of the Prophet, organised thematically into chapters which have a bearing upon the day to day lives of believers and is, next to the Qur'an, the most central text of Islam. The full title is Masabeeh al-sinna min al-ahadith al-sihah fil hadith al-shareef. The colophon is dated Mecca 1329 and signed by the scribe. A second colophon is dated 1333.
Place of origin Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Dates 1329