4.3.1 Roman Scripts

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MS in Latin on vellum, North Italy, mid 9th c., 1 f., 27x21 cm, single column (text), (27x7 cm), with marginal gloss on both sides, 25 lines in an ornate, uneven half uncial (text), ca. 60 lines in a cramped Carolingian minuscule (gloss).

MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, 6th c., 2 partial ff., 32x7 cm, originally 32x26 cm, 1 of 2 columns, (25x7 cm, originally 25x24 cm), 26 lines in a regular stately Latin uncial, written "per cola et commata".

MS in Latin on lead, Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England, ca. 150-300, 1 tablet, 3,5x11,0 cm, 6 lines in Late Roman cursive.

MS in Latin on wood, Walbrook, London, early 2nd c., 1 tablet, 5x15 cm, 4-5 lines in old Roman cursive.

MS in Latin on vellum, Germany?, ca. 900, 23 lines in a sloping Carolingian minuscule by an Insular scribe, 8 lines of rustic capitals, letters in the 2 first words in large capitals in painted gold, a full page initial F, in red with interlace ornament infilled with green and red.
MS in Latin on bronze, Roma, 7 January 246, 23 lines in rustic Latin capitals, 2 holes through the tablet for a wire that originally bound the two tablets together, secured with the seals of the 7 witnesses.
MS in Latin on bronze, Roma, 26 February 70, 2 tabellas (complete), 2 holes through each tablet with the wire that binds the two tablets together, originally secured with the seals of the 7 witnesses, 2 holes with complete hinge wires.
MS in Etruscan on bronze, Vulchi, Etruria, Italy, mid 4th c. BC, 1 mirror, diam. 18 cm, engraved names in Etruscan script, with engravings of high quality of the Judgement of Paris from Homer's Iliad.