For scholarly research and access the collection is a unique source, uniting materials usually scattered world wide to two locations only.

The Schøyen Collection is located mainly in Oslo and London. Scholars are always welcome, and are strongly encouraged to do research and to publish material. Parts of the collection are deposited with universities and public libraries to facilitate access for scholars. Over 90 % of the MSS are unpublished at present.

Several major research and publication projects are in progress, covering more than 60 % of the Collection, to be published in the series Manuscripts in The Schøyen Collection. There is also a Bibliography, including pictorial references to manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection.

The correct reference to a specific MS in the collection is: "The Schøyen Collection MS (number)". The correct location is: "Oslo and London". The descriptions are based on the research, publications and kind assistance of a great many scholars.