Qu'ran (China)

MS 4475
MS Short Title QU'RAN (CHINA)
Description MS in Arabic on paper, China, late 16th to early 17th c., 30 vols. (complete) 50-60 ff. per vol., 20x28 cm, single column, (13x17 cm), 5 lines in a regional muhaqqaq book script, sura headings in gold on a dark blue ground with red ruling and frame, verses separated by gold rosettes, opening and closing double-page illumination for each volume with knotwork and arabesque panelling in gold and colours, frontispiece with 2 circles containing geometrical pattern of interlocking triangles and circles with diamonds containing the profession of faith above in Kufic book script, and 2 vertical lines of text in gold thuluth book script.
Binding China, late 16th to early 17th c., blind-stamped leather with octagonal central medallion formed like a flower, flanked at top and bottom by 2 tear-drop motifs with verses from the Qur'an, with flap, sewn on 3 cords.
Context For 10 volumes of a Qur'an from ca. 1300 in contemporary bindings.
Provenance 1. Sam Fogg, London 2. De-accessioned 2011
Commentary This is the only known complete 30 volumes set from China, outside public collections. An interesting feature of this Qur'an is the waaf inscription on vol. 1 f. 1, which is in Chinese, transliterated directly from Arabic.
Place of origin China
Dates Late 16th to early 17th Century