7.30 Graphic Notation

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MS in Russian and German on paper, Hamburg, Germany, 1973-1975, 1 bifolium, each page ruled with 18 staves, with an explanation of the colour codes, autograph, signed.

MS in English and Italian on paper, Oslo, 1992-1993, 31+2+15 pp., 21x29 cm, single column, (18x25 cm), ruled for 9 staves in upper part.

MS in Italian and English on paper, Oslo, 1982, 11 pp., 30x12 cm, (29x37 cm), mostly not ruled, photocopy of the 1968 version of music in graphic notation within 11 fields, the field M I added in red throughout, autograph. 

MS in Italian and French on paper, Italy, 1969, upper 1/3 of 1 f., 12x26 cm, graphic notation of music on 9 staves, with title, autograph, signed Syl B/1969.

MS in Tibetan on paper, Tibet, 19th c., 22 ff. (complete), 9x22 cm, single column, (7x19 cm), 4 lines in Tibetan dbu can book script, with Tibetan Yang-Yig graphic music notation in red and yellow