MS 4468
Text QUR'AN, SECTIONS 2, 9, 10, 14, 15, 20-22, 25, 27
Description MS in Arabic on paper, Iran, ca. 1300, 359 ff. (-25 ff.), 10 vols., 44x31 cm, single column, (30x21 cm), 5 lines in muhaqqaq script, titles in silver, gold rosettes pointed in blue and red as verse dividers, marginal medallions in gold on a red ground every 5th verse, marginal medallions in gold with silver surround and decorated with leaves every 10th verse, 3 lines of muhaqqaq on a ground of red penwork arabesques, framed in gold, containing varying number of medallions and lozenges.
Binding Iran, ca. 1300, extensively blind-tooled brown morocco, each with eight-lobed central medallion, flap with central field of interlocking strapwork, sewn on 3 cords.
Provenance Sam Fogg Rare Books Ltd., London.
Commentary Complete folio size 30 volumes sets in contemporary bindings from 1300 or earlier hardly survive in any library. Even sets of 10 volumes are exceptional. The Khalili collection has no more than 2 folio volumes in bindings from this period.
See also MS 2494 [TBA], Wrapper with sprinkled gold and silver leaf, Japan, late 14th c.
MS 2371 [TBA], Poti with gold script and 2 miniatures, Tibet, ca. 1400
Place of origin Iran
Dates ca 1300 AD