23.13 Islam

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MS in Arabic on vellum dyed deep blue, Spain or Qairawan, Tunisia, 9th or 10th cent, 1 f 30x40 cm, single column (20x30 cm) 15 lines in Kufic script in gold, some diacritical strokes, large marginal medallion in silver. 

MS in Arabic on vellum, Near East, 9th cent, 1 f 26x37 cm, single column (20x28 cm). 

MS in Arabic on vellum, North Africa, ca. 700, i f 55x70 cm, single column (46x52 cm) 12 lines in early Kufic script without diacritical marks.

 MS in Persian on paper, Shiraz, 1479, 358 ff. (complete), 22x11 cm, 2 columns, (18x9 cm), 19 lines, + 39 lines written diagonally in the margins

MS in Persian (texts 2-4) and Arabic (text 1) on paper, Western Persia, 1400-1450, 160 ff. (complete), 18x13 cm, single column, (12x9 cm), 13 lines in nasta’liq script, 3 Kabbalah and 11 zodiac diagrams. 

MS in Arabic on vellum, Morocco, 1350, 17 ff. (complete), 25x19 cm, single column, (17x12 cm), 19 lines in Maghribi script of Fasi style, royal Marinid waaf inscription. 

MS in Arabic on paper, Kawkaban, Yemen, 1316, 162 ff. (complete) 27x19 cm, single column, (20x13 cm), 26 lines in Naskh script by Yahya ibn Hasan ibn Ahmad ibn Uthman. 

MS in Arabic on vellum, North Africa, ca. 11th c., 23 ff. (incomplete), 27x19 cm, single column, 

MS in Arabic on paper, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 1329, 251 ff. (complete), 32x23 cm, single column, (main text: 21x16 cm, including gloss: 30x23 cm )

MS in Arabic on polished paper, Kashmir,18th c., 339 ff., 22x14 cm, single column, (15x9 cm), 14 lines in Naskh book script 

MS in Arabic on paper, China, late 16th to early 17th c., 30 vols. (complete) 50-60 ff. per vol., 20x28 cm, single column, (13x17 cm)