MS 5547
MS Short Title REGER: BURLESKE OP 58/6
Text Max Reger: Burleske in E-Dur für das Pianoforte zu 4 Händen, op. 58 no. 6
Description MS in German on paper, München 1902, 4 pp 35x27 cm, ruled with 12 staves, in four staff notation, Stichvorlage, autograph, signed.
Binding German red morocco gilt sewn on 3 cords
Provenance Provenance: 1. Sammlung Werner-Eberhard Müller, Leipzig; 2. Stargardt 24.3.2015:573.
Commentary Not mentioned in Reger-Werkverzeichnis (Volume I, 2010, p. 253. Max Reger (1873-1916) wrote mostly in abstract forms, was a supporter of absolute music, but saw himself as being part of the tradition of Beethoven and Brahms.
Published Barthold Senff, Leipzig 1902, plate number 2491, which is different from the one noted on the MS.
Place of origin Munich
Dates 1902 AD