4.3.7 Eastern European Book Scripts

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MS in Georgian on vellum, Georgia, 11th c., 1 f., 25x19 cm, single column, (19x13 cm), 25 lines in a fine nuskuri book script.

MS in Croatian on vellum, Island of Krk, Croatia, early 15th c., in Glagolitic book script, headings in red, illuminated initials in strapwork and leafy design in red and black with yellow wash infill.

MS palimpsest on vellum, Mt. Sinai, Egypt. Text 1 (underlying text): in Christian Palestinian-Aramaic, Text 2 (overlying text): in Georgian Khutsuri (Georgian ecclesiastical minuscule) by Ioane Zosime.

MS in Georgian on vellum, Georgia, 10th c., 2 ff., 23x20 cm, single column, (18x14 cm), 22 lines in a very fine asomatavruli book script.

MS in Armenian on paper, Tbilisi(?), Georgia, 1721, 21 lines in a handsome bolorgir script by the priest Avedis, with a full-page miniature showing the bishop with 8 priests within a church.

MS in Armenian and Arabic (text 2) on vellum, Armenia, 12th c., 10 lines remaining in a large sloping Armenian uncial (Erkat'agir); text 2: Palestine/Damascus, 13th c., 4 lines in Arabic naskhi script.

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on blue paper, Russia, 1806, 30 lines in Cyrillic half-uncial and semi-vjaz by several scribes.

MS in Serbian Church Slavonic on vellum, Serbia, ca. 1300, 8 ff., 30x23 cm, 2 columns, (23x16 cm), 44 lines in a small Cyrillic half-uncial of the Rashka school, 2-line initials in red throughout.