MS 712
  1. Bible: Psalms, Gloss by Anselm of Laon
  2. Bible: Song of songs (Canticles), Gloss by Anselm of Laon
  3. Athanasian Creed, Gloss by Anselm of Laon
Description MS in Latin on vellum, Southern Germany, 1st half of 12th c., 168 ff. (complete), 28x18 cm, single column, principal text: (21x7 cm), 18 lines, incl. marginal and interlinear gloss: (21-24x16 cm), up to 65 lines, in Romanesque book script of very good quality, gloss in a smaller more rounded book script, 1 gathering without gloss 2nd half of 12th c., 11 opening lines (text 1) in alternating red and black capitals, 35 large, up to half-page, decorated initials, finely drawn and shaded in penwork with entwined foliage, many with animals, dragons, etc. in colours, 6 large historiated initials including human figures, animals, and dragons, including the 1/3-page Beatus initial, all with foliage finely drawn and shaded in penwork and colours, and of very high quality by The Rebdorf Psalter master.
Binding Augustinian Abbey of St. John the Baptist, Rebdorf, Germany, 15th c., blindtooled pigskin over bevelled wooden boards, sewn on 3 cords, 7 contemporary knotted leather thumb tabs, upper cover lettered "Psalterium" with pressmark "E.1." in two places, top edges lettered "Rebdorf", 2 later brass clasps and catches, front pastedown German 15th c. liturgical MS in a large formal Gothic book script of high grade, rear pastedown German 12th c. MS from a Service-book in Romanesque book script with diastematic (heightened) staffless St. Gallen neumes.
Provenance 1. Augustinian Abbey of St. John the Baptist, Rebdorf, Germany (1156?-1803); 2. English or French owner (early 19th c.); 3. Edmund Hunt Dring, Surrey (ca. 1920-1928); 4. Edmund Maxwell Dring, Surrey (1928-1990), acquired via Quaritch from his estate according to his wish, Nov. 1990; 5. De-accessioned to Sam Fogg, July 2008.
Commentary An exceptionally early German glossed MS, of an unusual lay-out and quality. The exemplar used lacked a gathering. This early it was not possible to find another one with Anselm of Laon's gloss. The Psalter text was copied, leaving space for the gloss to be added later, which, however, never happened. The Psalms with the Great Gloss of Petrus Lombardus, see MS 258.
Exhibited Oslo Katedralskole 850 år, Jubileumsutstilling 10. - 14. March 2003.
Place of origin Germany
Dates 1st half 12c AD