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MS in Sanskrit on paper, Rajasthan, India, 1778-79, 2 vols. 446+446 ff., 9x24 cm, single column, (5x19 cm), 7 lines in Devanagari script of high quality, Vedic accents and margins in red.

 MS in Sanskrit on paper, Toddapur, India, 1672, 134 ff. (complete), 14x29 cm, single column, (9x21 cm), 8 lines in archaic Devanagari book script by Vyasacaturbhuja son of Vyasanarahari , 8 lines in Vedic numeric hand gesture music notation.

 MS in Sanskrit on paper, India, 1665, 35 ff. (complete), 12x22 cm, single column, (ca. 10x18 cm), 10-11 lines in Devanagari script, double vertical lines at both sides of the text.

MS in Sanskrit on paper, India, early 19th c., 4 vols., 795 ff. (complete), 10x20 cm, single column, (7x17 cm), 10 lines in Devanagari script with deletions in yellow, Vedic accents, corrections etc in red.